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Vegan Nail Polish at nailpolishcanada.com

Great news Canadians! I've found the site to shop for all of your vegan and cruelty free nail polish needs! I've heard and been on nailpolishcanada.com a couple years ago, they've been in business since 2011, but their outdated website design really turned me off. Sadly, not much has changed and it's unfortunate because they do have a killer selection of vegan nail polish (full list of vegan brands below) and they're super reliable and quick with their shipping. Am I the only one who judges a business based on their website? ? [caption id="attachment_2096" align="aligncenter" width="500"] www.nailpolishcanada.com carries a wicked selection of vegan nail polish[/caption] What made me take the leap of faith and proceeded with my order on nailpolishcanada.com was their insanely generous and competitive shipping rates...