Is Elizabeth Arden Cruelty Free?


Elizabeth Arden is unfortunately is not cruelty-free.

Elizabeth Arden products are available for sale in China where the local Chinese authorities require mandatory testing on cosmetic products sold in their country. Below you will find Elizabeth Arden’s animal testing policy taken from their website:

Is Elizabeth Arden Cruelty Free? Their company's animal testing policy states otherwise.

We do not perform any animal tests on our product formulations or ingredients, nor ask other to test on our behalf, except in the rare instances where required by law.

Supporting and Funding Research Programs

I emailed the company asking for specifics about the scientific communities and research programs that they support and fund in which they claim they are working to help eliminate the necessity for animal testing globally. The company responded with a cut and paste of the exact same policy statement written on their website. Word-for-word, I kid you not.

Good job Elizabeth Arden, you guys have failed miserably at answering the only one question I asked.

Vicky Ly

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