This Hidden Feature In ELF’s Moisturizing Lipstick Will Blow Your Mind

I love me some affordable cruelty-free and vegan makeup and ELF’s Moisturizing Lipstick is definitely one of my top recommended cheap vegan lipstick options,Β you can score one of these bad boys for only $3!

As I recently found out from POPSUGAR, the clear pieceΒ at the bottom of the lipstick tube does more than just show you what color the lipstick is but it can actually pop right off and there’s a hidden lip balm inside!!


The lip balm was surprisingly very pigmented and goes beautifully with the lipstick! As if I needed another reason to love this $3 lipstick even more!

FYI. This lipstick is indeed vegan and contains synthetic beeswax!

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Vicky Ly

I'm Vicky! I've been a vegan for 4 years and want to do my small part in making the world a kinder place. When I'm not on my laptop creating or designing, I enjoy running, vegan chocolate chip cookies + ice cream, and the occasional Simpsons marathon.

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  • October 28, 2016

    I’m definitely an e.l.f. fan so chances are I’ll give this one a try, very cool that it has a mini lip balm in there.

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