Australia Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics by 2018!

Reported by Cruelty-Free International, on May 11, 2017, Australia became the latest country to ban animal testing for cosmetics!

The countryโ€™s ban on animal testing of cosmetics products and ingredients will come into force at the end of 2018. And the use of data about cosmetics that is sourced from animal tests will be outlawed from 1st July 2018.

Testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals is outdated and unnecesary as there are plenty of non-animal testing methods available on the market. I’m so glad to see Australia’s government has honored their pledge to ending animal testing once and for all!

Although the ban doesn’t go into effect immediately, I recommend compassionate shoppers to continue looking for cruelty-free products that carry a certified cruelty-free logo on product packaging and doing the research to ensure the brands we choose to buy are not hurting anymore animals in labs!

Source: Cruelty-Free International


Vicky Ly

I'm Vicky! I've been a vegan for 4 years and want to do my small part in making the world a kinder place. When I'm not on my laptop creating or designing, I enjoy running, vegan chocolate chip cookies + ice cream, and the occasional Simpsons marathon.

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