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Anastasia Beverly Hills Vegan Product List

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Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty-free makeup brand most known for their incredible brow products, as well as their contour and glow kits.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ makeup products and ingredients are not tested on animals and they do label which of their makeup and shades are considered vegan on their website.

Although not all of Anastasia Beverly Hills products are vegan as they do use carmine, lanolin, beeswax or some other animal-derived ingredients in some of their makeup and color shades but I’ve provided a helpful list below of which of their products and makeup brushes are free of all animal ingredients and therefore considered vegan.

The products listed below are labelled as VEGAN on Anastasia Beverly Hill’s website:




Glow Kits & Highlighters




  • Lip Gloss  – all shades
  • Lip Palette
  • Lip Primer
  • Liquid Lipstick (some shades contain beeswax and carmine)
    • Shades that are vegan: Allison, Ashton, Catnip, Clover, Craft, Crush, Currant, Dazed, Dolce, Dusty Rose, Heathers, Kathryn, Lovely, Madison, Milk Shake, Naked, Poet, Pure Hollywood, Requiem, Rio, Rock Sand, Sad Girl, Soft Lilac, Starfish, Strawberry, Stripped, Trouble, Trust Issues, Tulip, Veronica
  • Matte Lipstick – all shades



Some of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup brushes are made using goat, pony, or sable hair however they do offer some synthetic bristle brushes that are animal-free, below is a list of their makeup brushes that are made from synthetic bristles:

  • Brush #3
  • Brush 7B
  • Brush #15
  • Brush #18
  • Duo Brush #12
  • Duo Brush #20
  • Pro Brush
    • A1 Flat Definer Brush
    • A2 Precise Concealer
    • A3 Firm Shader Brush
    • A4 Cream Shadow Brush
    • A5 Small Blending Brush
    • A6 Buff and Blend Brush
    • A7 Large Blending Brush
    • A27 Small Firm Shader
    • A28 Precise Eyeliner Brush
    • A30 Domed Kabuki Brush

Below is a list of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup and brushes that are not vegan as they contain carmine, lanolin, beeswax, or some other animal-derived ingredient:

  • Beauty Express (Highlighting Duo Powder is not vegan)
  • Brow Definer (all shades contain lanolin)
  • Brush A23 (made with natural bristles)
  • Darkside Waterproof Gel Liner (contains beeswax)
  • Highlighting Duo Pencil (contains beeswax)
  • Liquid Lipstick – Sepia, Carina, Sugar Plum, Vintage, Potion, Vamp, Sarafine, American Doll (contains carmine or beeswax)
  • Modern Renaissance Palette (contains carmine)
  • Prism Palette (contains carmine)
  • Pro Brush – A10 Diffuser Brush (made with goat hair)
  • Pro Brush – A12 Small Contour Brush (made with goat hair)
  • Pro Brush – A13 Medium Shader Brush (made with pony hair)
  • Pro Brush – A14 Pencil Brush (made with goat hair)
  • Pro Brush – A16 Large Shadow Brush (made with kolinsky and sable hair)
  • Pro Brush  – A18 Angle Chiseler (made with natural bristles)
  • Pro Brush – A19 Blush Brush (made with natural bristles)
  • Pro Brush – A20 Large Powder Brush (made with natural bristles)
  • Pro Brush – A22 Pointed Cheek Brush (made with natural bristles)
  • Pro Brush – A24 Medium Shadow Brush (made with natural bristles)
  • Pro Brush – A25 Tapered Blending Brush (made with natural bristles)
  • Subculture Palette (contains carmine)
  • Tinted Brow Gel – Auburn (contains carmine)

Have you tried anything from Anastasia Beverly Hills before?

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  • Carole
    March 17, 2018

    Hi, do you know if the new Amrezy Highlighter is vegan? Thank you

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